For startups

For startups

We are here for startups and new businesses to make their road to success easier.

For new entrepreneurs trying to get their companies off the ground, there are a lot of different innovative digital products, projects and services that we can provide. From handling transactions and scheduling meetings to creating brand awareness and keeping track of receipts, we have an almost unlimited array of online tools to ease the path to business success.

When it comes to creating a professional public image

we offer our solutions that work across multiple platforms. Our useful tools can offer your company the option to explore the world you operate in. That world can include meetings being held halfway across the world. And, with the functions allowing you to transform, for example, a smartphone into a body cam, it will be easy for you to take part in an important conference, even when you are in a different time zone.

Our products are also good at keeping your schedule straight

and even quickly viewing your calendar to schedule appointments. Scheduling can be difficult part of running a small business, particularly as the number of remote employees tends to increase. Thanks to our solutions, it is possible to easily view a company’s schedule, the availability of each worker and the overall labour budget. When there is a conflict in scheduling or a worker has to cancel at the last minute, it is easy to quickly and seamlessly contact potential replacements.

It is obvious that tracking finances is also vital for start-ups or new entities.

Our apps or other products offer time-tracking, invoicing as well as expense management options, all with an easy-to-use interface designed for non-accounting professional business owners.

No matter what your needs are, we are always ready to find a way to meet them thanks to our optimized well-crafted and user friendly digital products and solutions.